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The Laws of the Sun

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Plot 877 Rubaga Road Kampala
(in front of Super Oil, Gas Station)


Welcome to the Happy Science Uganda Temple

Happy Science is a universal religion open to people of all religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. At the Uganda Temple, we provide our members a space to study the universal teachings of El Cantare.We are a global organization of people who aim for happiness by deepening and widening our love to reach a higher level of enlightenment. Our spiritual movement is based on the “Truth” taught by Ryuho Okawa.



 Becoming A Member

Happy Science welcomes everyone, and becoming a member is very easy. To join there is an application form, and a short welcoming ceremony in which you will be asked, “Do you believe in the Lord?” All will receive the prayer book, “The Dharma of the Right Mind.”

It is a precious moment in everyone’s life to join Happy Science. That day becomes a day of awakening and of great happiness. Members make a pledge to Explore the Right Mind each day and to practice The Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-reflection and Progress. The aim is to be truly happy and to share that happiness with others. Furthermore, by supporting the activities at your local temple happiness can spread more abundantly.

We are an open movement that encourages your freedom to grow – you can study other books and faiths without conflict as our teachings unite all of the world’s religions, philosophies and various fields as one complementary whole.

What do we do?

Happy Science is always expanding its activities so that happiness grows further. Here are a few examples of the activities that we do.

Attend seminars and events

Each year we hold seminars and special events around the world for people to come together to make friends, polish their souls and re-energize themselves again with light. There are many kinds of seminars on different themes such as love, success or reflection. There are also regular events such as movie showings.




Thousands  of  people  came  to attend  and listen to Master  Okawa `s  lecture  at  Mandela  National  Stadium. This  lecture  was  broad cast live on national  U.B.C TV   and also  on  W.B.S TV and  NBS TV. Also  news papers  featured   and Radio stations   aired  this  lecture  too   throught  the  country.Master taught about the basic teachings of Happy Science, (Love, Wisdom, Self-reflection, Progress) and said that the aim of Happy Science is to create utopia on earth through love and enlightenment.

Master strongly told the people of Africa...“Please be confident of yourself. You have unlimited possibility with in you. You can do everything. You are not inferior to US or European people. Human race started from here, Africa.” he  emphasized   the power  of  "self help thinking"  and  having "confidence" in our  selves, he  said that  Ugandans  and Africans  are  great people  we  have  unlimited  hidden  potential in  us  all,  as   children of God.

A total of 5 artists performed on stage and sang  Happy Science  songs that conveyed  during the opening ceremony. They were Dr Jose Chameleone, King Wadada  of Nigeria, Iryn Namubiru, Benon Mugumbya, a popular young producer and singer, and the St. Denis Choir Gaba.



Our Monastry/Temple is Located On Rubaga Road Plot 877 Opposite Super Oil Petrol Station (Map and Location)