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The Laws of the Sun

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The Laws of  the sun

By Ryuho Okawa

The Spiritual Laws and true history of creation of universe and human beings.

In this poweful book, Master Okawa reveal the transcendent nature of counciouness, the secret of our multi-dimensional universe. This book is for those  who are seeking for enlightment about Cosmic conciousness, our true nature and our mission over the reincanations on this world.

Now, you can discover about the spiritual secrets as

What is the nature of spirit and soul?

What are universal spiritual laws and how we can learn to live in harmony with them?

What really happens when we die?

How our thoughts influence reality?

Why disharmony between the soul and the body result in illness?

Where we came from and where we are going to?

What is enlightment?

What is Love ?

Who is El Cantare?

The Laws of Sun shows the way to achieve true happiness,  happiness that continues from this world through to the other. You can learn about the Eightfold Path of Buddhism and the modern fourthfold path to achieve spiritual development.

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