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The Laws of the Sun

Discover the Origin of Your Soul


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Publisher: Happy Science

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Happy Science was established in Tokyo Japan in 1986 and is one of the most influential movements in the 21st century. Our modern and universal teachings has a great and positive influence  that reaches all areas of life and society .People from all backgrounds , cultures, professionals and faiths, whether Christian,Buddhist,Jewish,Muslim,Hindu or others , have been attracted to our open movement and unique teachings –Studying together in joy ,harmony and deep-found respect .HappyScience can resolve all the world conflicts and bring love,peace,happiness,and prosperity to the world.


Life is full of suffering and hardships.HappyScience is always seeking ways to alleviate these problems through the power of truth. For example we have been conducting and supporting Charity Activities in Uganda.

HappyScience has donated  Mosquito nets to schools, Hospitals in Africa (Uganda) to help prevent people from Malaria

Happy Science has donated scholastic materials to school children in Uganda such as books and pens.

Happy science has donated improved seeds of beans and maize to farmers in Uganda districts of Kiboga, Masaka and Mpiji.Happy Science also is passionate about supporting the youth .There is The Golden Age Scholarship to help students financially, so that they can nurture their talents and contribute to a happier world.


In April 2010, after the massive and deadly mudslides and floods that killed and displaced many people in Easter-Uganda,  Happyscience supported them with adonation of 1000 blankets, it was  aspiritual charity, agift from Sangah-Japan, the donation was delivered by the head of Happyscience Africa Branch Mr Noguchi -George after neary 5 months Happyscience again supported scholarstic matterilas to the children living in the camps after the mudslides with over 2000 books , pens and pencils